Our Beef


Pasture (Grass) Fed Beef
Pasture (Grass) Fed Beef is a leaner and more nutritionally balanced option. It has four times more Vitamin E than Grain Fed Beef. It is marbled with high levels of Omega 3 fats (good fats) as opposed to the high levels of saturated fats found in other meats. Pasture Fed Beef also has high levels of the nutrient CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid.)

Grasslands Premium Beef, NSW
Grasslands Premium Beef is produced from free-range cattle that have been raised on natural pastures. The cattle are free from antibiotics and added hormones, and are Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded.

Havericks Dry Aged Beef
Our dry-aged beef is stored in a cooler, where a balance of time, temperature, air circulation and humidity slowly develop the flavour and tenderness of the beef. A crust forms on the outside of the loin and is trimmed away, leaving a buttery taste and nutty aroma.

Riverina Pasture Fed Beef, NSW
Working with our suppliers in Wagga Wagga, the cattle are raised on natural pastures, resulting in a lean and tender export quality product graded from the top 1% of Australian Beef.

Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB)
CAAB is an initiative of the Angus Society of Australia, out-performing other breeds in its excellent marbling scores that result in perfect tenderness, texture, colour and taste.

Nolans Private Selection – Gympie S.E. QLD
Private Selection is Nolans’ premium brand of beef and is produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowned for superior eating quality.

Hereford True, Pasture Fed Beef, NSW
Hereford are a unique breed of cattle. Famous for their docile and easy-going nature, their soft temperament is the secret to the distinctive sweet beef flavour.

Darling Downs, QLD
The Darling Downs is an ideal location that provides central access to all types of cattle across eastern and central Australia in a temperate climate. It is one of the most productive grain and pasture growing areas in Australia. Darling Downs Wagyu contains the finely distributed and highly desirable levels of marbling sought after by chefs worldwide.